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Get zam-plugins now! zam-plugins is a collection of LV2/LADSPA/VST/JACK audio plugins for sound processing developed in-house at ZamAudio. The default settings and almost every slider is calibrated to standard ranges. Installation is a manual process by unzipping the plugins and saving the bundle in a designated path. The paths are documented here for all operating […]

Digidesign (original Mbox) Linux Driver

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A few people have asked me since I made the MBox2 driver whether the original Mbox (with Focusrite preamps) could be made to work with Linux. The current status in the mainline kernel is that playback is supported but users have reported issues with loud static noises appearing sporadically. Capture is not supported currently at […]

Digidesign 002/003R/003R+ LINUX DRIVER!

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  Digidesign Digi002, 003 Rack and 003 Rack+ now work in the Linux kernel using this driver.   Please consider donating a token amount for this work if you find it useful. ^^ See above donate page. Get the driver code here on github. sudo apt-get install build-essential linux-headers dkms git clone git:// sudo ln […]

Calf PhonoEQ Plugin (RIAA curve)

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This new audio plugin for Calf Studio Gear provides a simple implementation of the RIAA curve filter applied to LP records after the turntable has picked up the sound. At the leading recording studios where records are cut, the bass is reduced and the treble boosted before an LP is created. Inside each phono preamp […]

doubleOhThree AMDTP (003amdtp)

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Git repositories: 003amdtp snd-firewire-003 alsa-driver Dumps: linux-step1-powercycle.dump linux-step2-aplay.dump linux-step3-aplay-quit.dump osx-step1-powercycle.dump osx-step2-pt-summary.dump osx-step3-quitpt.dump Async packet analysis summary: #define R003_HARDWARE_ADDR 0xffff00000000ULL #define VENDOR_DIGIDESIGN 0x00a07e #define VENDOR_DIGIDESIGN_NAME ” ” #define R003_MODEL_NAME ” 003Rack ” #define R003_STREAMS_W_REG 0xe0000004 #define R003_STREAMS_R_REG 0xe0000000 #define R003_STREAMS_OFF 0x00000000 #define R003_STREAMS_ON 0x00000001 #define R003_STREAMS_INIT 0x00000002 #define R003_STREAMS_SHUTDOWN 0x00000003 #define R003_SAMPLERATE_REG 0xe0000110 #define R003_SAMPLERATE_44100 0x00000000 […]

Digidesign 003 Rack: Linux driver history

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A brilliant ALSA developer, Clemens L, has been working on a separate ALSA driver for streaming sound over firewire within the linux kernel. This would mean that the FFADO project would be unnecessary as an addon for JACK audio connection kit to provide support for firewire devices in the future, as there would exist a […]

Digidesign Mbox 2 Mini on Linux

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There does not currently exist a linux driver for Mbox 2 mini. I don’t have the hardware so I am not writing one either. This page is for driver discussion on this model. UPDATE 4/12/2010: The Mbox2 and Mbox2 Mini share the same USB ID and usb endpoints thus they are physically the same device […]

JACK audio plugin – gate/expander with sidechain

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I decided to write my own audio plugin, a gate/expander, because I couldn’t find a good equivalent plugin. You can download a patch for calf-plugins git tree here. To fetch the plugin code and patch to my version: git clone calf cd calf git apply path-to-my.patch ./ ./configure –enable-experimental make sudo make install I […]

Digidesign Mbox 2: Linux driver provided!

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This is my unofficial Digidesign Mbox 2 driver for linux. Please consider donating $5 for further development of free software drivers for Digidesign hardware. Every little bit counts. For those of you who want the raw driver source, here it is as a kernel module [63kB]. It can be compiledfor the current running kernel as […]