13 thoughts on “zam-plugins (A collection of LADSPA/LV2/VST/JACK audio plugins for high-quality processing)

  1. Thanks a lot for making these! (and for helping me on IRC today!)

    You should put these descriptions in the readme, so visitors on your github page can read them to.
    And a link to here wouldn’t hurt either.

  2. Congratulation on this release! You have done a lot since the last time I talked to you, really nice stuff.

  3. Just tried the ZaMultiComp on a mastering project I have on the go. It’s easy to use and seems really transparent to my untutored ears.

    It’s a shame there doesn’t seem to be a stereo version, at least one doesn’t appear in my list of LV2 plugins in Ardour.

    Could you let the attack also go up to about 500 ms? Certainly over 100 ms would be great. Also, a link button would be helpful, which when engaged meant the settings on all three bands operated at the same time, i.e. so you could quickly set the same attack/release/whatever on all bands by just moving one slider.

    Many thanks for this great plugin, I’m off to build the rest now… ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. Q: When I get some time soon I will make a stereo version of ZaMultiComp, yes.
    I can make the attack range higher when I do that. Thanks for the feedback.

  5. Hi.

    About Zamvalve i read :
    “Faust >=0.9.62 and LADSPA SDK is required to compile this LADSPA plugin.”

    I don’t find a version superior to 0.9.58, so is it possible to build the plugin ?

    I managed to build a previous LV2 version, it sounds great, thanks for it. But it really needs a volume output i think. Pushing the drive to the limits really makes the sound incredibly too loud.

  6. krubenast: Thanks for that, I think I forgot to update the README, you only need 0.9.42 or greater (if i remember correctly) basically the default package of debian will work now.

    I am in the process of getting the package accepted into Debian repositories.

  7. Thanks a lot for the package, it works great ! I really like the sound of this plugin. ๐Ÿ™‚

  8. These plugins have been added to kx studio. Have only tested the normal comps. there really nice. reminds me of a couple of dbx comps i have used.

    Have an issue with the tube plugin though. It was working the first time i tried it but recently it acts really strangly getting what appears to be x runs but there not glitches in the sound even though my dsp is below 40%

  9. I wonder why did you dropped the ZamSFZ plugin, I’m using Reaper DAW on Arch Linux and I’m desperate for a descent sampler.

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