4 thoughts on “MBOX 2 driver updated!

  1. I just loaded Ubuntu 12.10 on my PC. I have a Digidesign MBOX2 Mini. I understand that they will work together, but after plugging the MBOX2 Mini in, there was no green light. First, I guess I need a driver, and I have no clue how to locate it, or as to how to install it.. I have never used Linux. There is no internet at that machine, but I do have a flash drive. I will be grateful to anyone that can walk me through this. Will need a couple plug ins later, but I can address that after the MBOX2 Mini.

    I am a real idiot when it comes to this stuff. I see the lines of code on the page linked here and have no clue. I have been under a rock, and windows is too often messed up. Trying to find a better way. I think this is it, just real confused.

    This machine will perform real time audio compression, and equalization.

    Thank you very much,



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