Firefox with native JACK support

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Last year I wrote a duplex JACK audio backend for Firefox browser. It took a lot of negotiating with Mozilla people and they accepted most of the code. However, they won’t turn on JACK support in default builds. This currently requires –enable-jack to be added to the mozconfig at compile time. Thus I am providing […]

Announcement – zam-plugins

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zam-plugins works on any platform I have decided to start charging a small token amount for zam-plugins on OSX and Windows because it’s a lot of work to develop. However, in the spirit of free software, I am of course providing the source code with every copy, in accordance with its GPL license. You may […]


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Get zam-plugins now! zam-plugins is a collection of LV2/LADSPA/VST/JACK audio plugins for sound processing developed in-house at ZamAudio. The default settings and almost every slider is calibrated to standard ranges. Installation is a manual process by unzipping the plugins and saving the bundle in a designated path. The paths are documented here for all operating […]

doubleOhThree AMDTP (003amdtp)

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Git repositories: 003amdtp snd-firewire-003 alsa-driver Dumps: linux-step1-powercycle.dump linux-step2-aplay.dump linux-step3-aplay-quit.dump osx-step1-powercycle.dump osx-step2-pt-summary.dump osx-step3-quitpt.dump Async packet analysis summary: #define R003_HARDWARE_ADDR 0xffff00000000ULL #define VENDOR_DIGIDESIGN 0x00a07e #define VENDOR_DIGIDESIGN_NAME ” ” #define R003_MODEL_NAME ” 003Rack ” #define R003_STREAMS_W_REG 0xe0000004 #define R003_STREAMS_R_REG 0xe0000000 #define R003_STREAMS_OFF 0x00000000 #define R003_STREAMS_ON 0x00000001 #define R003_STREAMS_INIT 0x00000002 #define R003_STREAMS_SHUTDOWN 0x00000003 #define R003_SAMPLERATE_REG 0xe0000110 #define R003_SAMPLERATE_44100 0x00000000 […]

Good settings for encoding to mp3

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I use Lame for encoding my recordings into mp3 format. I have experimented with many of the options and I have found that the following 3 combinations of command line switches produce excellent results: Small size, lossy: lame –alt-preset standard in.wav out.mp3 Good compromise between size and quality (VBR): lame –alt-preset extreme in.wav out.mp3 Large […]

How does a loudspeaker work?

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Here is a demonstration I found on YouTube which I think is very useful to show the components of a loudspeaker and how it works. The electrical current flowing through the voice coil creates a magnetic field that interacts with the permanent magnet’s field. As the signal changes polarity, this magnetic interaction forces the […]