Firefox with native JACK support

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Last year I wrote a duplex JACK audio backend for Firefox browser.
It took a lot of negotiating with Mozilla people and they accepted most of the code. However, they won’t turn on JACK support in default builds. This currently requires --enable-jack to be added to the mozconfig at compile time.

Thus I am providing a binary tarball package for GNU/Linux (64 bit) with JACK support enabled by default and PulseAudio and ALSA disabled entirely from the build. This should enable seamless streaming from webpages into your favourite JACK aware audio programs.

Feel free to compile your own version, but if you just want to use it right away, CLICK HERE to download the Firefox (JACK) tarball (SHA-1 = 9be8aac4db2ead40749f6d0c0fd174a03b6433e5).

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