Firefox with native JACK support

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Last year I wrote a duplex JACK audio backend for Firefox browser. It took a lot of negotiating with Mozilla people and they accepted most of the code. However, they won’t turn on JACK support in default builds. This currently requires –enable-jack to be added to the mozconfig at compile time. Thus I am providing […]

Digidesign 002/003R/003R+ LINUX DRIVER!

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  Digidesign Digi002, 003 Rack and 003 Rack+ now work in the Linux kernel using this driver.   Please consider donating a token amount for this work if you find it useful. ^^ See above donate page. Get the driver code here on github. sudo apt-get install build-essential linux-headers dkms git clone git:// sudo ln […]

Digidesign Mbox 2 Mini on Linux

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There does not currently exist a linux driver for Mbox 2 mini. I don’t have the hardware so I am not writing one either. This page is for driver discussion on this model. UPDATE 4/12/2010: The Mbox2 and Mbox2 Mini share the same USB ID and usb endpoints thus they are physically the same device […]

JACK audio plugin – gate/expander with sidechain

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I decided to write my own audio plugin, a gate/expander, because I couldn’t find a good equivalent plugin. You can download a patch for calf-plugins git tree here. To fetch the plugin code and patch to my version: git clone calf cd calf git apply path-to-my.patch ./ ./configure –enable-experimental make sudo make install I […]

Digidesign Mbox 2: Linux driver provided!

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This is my unofficial Digidesign Mbox 2 driver for linux. Please consider donating $5 for further development of free software drivers for Digidesign hardware. Every little bit counts. For those of you who want the raw driver source, here it is as a kernel module [63kB]. It can be compiledfor the current running kernel as […]

Installing professional audio software for Ubuntu Linux

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While Linux doesn’t have a piece of software that rivals the usability of Pro Tools, you can still do high-quality audio recording with Ardour DAW, a professional digital audio workstation. written for linux/osx. Also, you can use your linux machine as a virtual synthesiser by using VST instruments and recording directly into Ardour DAW. Currently, […]